• Connie reading to children
  • Connie with her family
  • Connie with her sons
  • Connie Duncan for Lincoln School Board

I am running for the school board because I believe we have a great school system here in Lincoln, and I want to help make sure we continue in that tradition. I want our schools to increase our graduation rate, and improve the district’s communication with its various constituent groups.

As a person who has taught in the Lincoln Public Schools system, this is what I know is important, and this is what I am committed to:

  • Maintain Current Open Enrollment
  • Maintain Policy of Fiscal Transparency
  • Improve Communication from LPS
  • Improve Children’s Readiness to Start School
  • Improve Access to Safe Afterschool Programs
  • Continue Commitment to Sustainable Policies
  • Continue to Ensure Safe Schools for our Children
  • Continue Strong Support for Teachers

It is important to have leadership that will reflect Lincoln’s values. Let’s continue to keep Lincoln’s schools great.

I ask for your support and your vote on May 7, 2019.